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 Please be aware there are big spoilers below! 


At Greedy Pig, we believe that theatre should be an engaging and safe experience for all. Whilst we love to surprise an audience with a shock twist, we know that sometimes not all surprises are welcome. As such, on this page, you can find trigger warnings for all Greedy Pig's currently viewable, or upcoming productions. Be aware that there are spoilers ahead.

We aim to have covered most of the more common triggers on this page, but if you are looking for something specific - or would like more detail, please feel free to contact us here.
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LANGUAGE: Strong language.

SUICIDE: One brief mention of suicide.

SELF-HARM: One filmed example of self-harm, though it is filmed from a distance and the footage is very grainy.

DISTRESS: One short scene of significant distress.

ABUSE: Ongoing themes of emotional abuse and manipulation, and the insinuation of physical abuse (though physical abuse is never seen).

BLOOD: One short scene that insinuates the physical abuse includes blood. One short scene that depicts self harm includes blood, though grainy and from a distance.

GAGGING: Two short clips of someone spitting something in their mouth out into the sink.



Please note that whilst the list of trigger warnings for 'Be.' is long, most of these are purely spoken about and very few are displayed visually. See the individual details below for more info:

LANGUAGE: Very strong language, including strong sexual language.

DEATH/SUICIDE: Discussions of the loss of a parent experienced by one of the characters. A character makes a suicide attempt (though it is not seen), the nature of which is ambiguous but it is assumed to be either drowning, or via jumping from a tall height. Discussions of suicide.

BLOOD: No blood is seen. There is one brief line that mentions a razor and cutting.

BIRTH/PREGNANCY: On two occasions a character is seen miming being in labour. Discussions of whether characters want to have children, including pressure to do so and the physical effects of giving birth and motherhood. References to infertility.

GENDER DYSPHORIA: Multiple discussions of gender and of characters experiencing gender dysphoria - this is a primary theme of the play. The discussions relate both to social implications of gender, and discussions relating to biological sex. Misgendering of characters.

BODY DYSMORPHIA: Brief discussions of breast binding. Discussions of body dysmorphia, from multiple gender perspectives.

EATING DISORDERS: References to eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia. Characters eat on stage, including one example of binge eating.

HOMOPHOBIA/TRANSPHOBIA: Homophobic and transphobic language is used, including slurs. In-depth discussions of transphobic violence/hate crimes. References to bullying.

DISTRESS: Characters recount stories in which they experienced distress, often due to discrimination in various forms.

SEXISM: Sexist language is used, including slurs. Discussions of incels.

SURGERY/HEALTH: (Non-detailed, brief) references to gender reassignment surgery, alongside other surgeries such as hysterectomies and mastectomies. A character has a chronic pain/chronic illness condition, and discusses this.

RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT: References to rape, date rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

ASSAULT: Brief reference to threats of assault.

GAGGING/VOMIT: A character mimes throwing up.

MENTAL HEALTH: A character identifies as having anxiety, and there are also implications that they are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

BALLOONS: Balloons are used on stage (none are popped deliberately).

LOUD NOISES: A whistle is blown at one point. Party poppers are popped. For a few seconds, a drum is played loudly. Balloons are present onstage, and whilst none will be intentionally popped, they may be popped accidentally.

Please find below resources that aim to help individuals deal with some of the topics within our plays (such as sexual abuse, toxic masculinity, and emotional abuse). As well as exercises you can do/websites you can visit for decompression after discussions of these themes.


Survivor's Network


The Survivor's Trust

The Calm Zone

Men's Minds Matter

Just Let Me know

Love Respect

Health In Mind


Pixel Thoughts

Quiet Kit

How To Cope With Triggers


Things To Do If You Feel Emotional

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