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“Masculine? Feminine? Why can’t we just… be?”

Stemming from the collective personal experiences of everyone involved, ‘Be.’ intertwines an enchanting and provocative mix of dance, music and spoken word, to give a voice to those made restless by the constraints of gender within our communities.


Written by Gabrielle Finnegan and directed by Lex Kaby, ‘Be.’ was created and inspired by workshops and personal accounts, both in conversation and anonymously, exploring themes of gender identity, toxic masculinity and feminism. Created to reflect the socially distanced society that it was developed in, ‘Be.’ is the most recent in Greedy Pig Theatre Company’s endeavour to unite people’s experience within a world that feels more disconnected than ever.

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Written by Gabrielle Finnegan 

Directed by Lex Kaby 

Produced by Douglas Murdoch and Lex Kaby

Music by James Millichap & Emma Greeley

Lighting Design by Alex Latham 

Performed by Alicia Pollard, Kieren Hall, Liam Green, Billy Kidd, Adam Hodgson

Photography by Richard Kaby

With thanks to Megan Smethurst, Hayley Cooper, Jas Barker, Sam Collier, Kate Easter & Jed Brown