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Written by Douglas Murdoch 

Directed by Lex Kaby 

Devised by Greedy Pig Theatre  Company, Sam Cattee & Matt Rawlings

Greedy Pig Theatre Company present a “film in a fortnight” in the form of ‘Close Your Eyes, I’m Filming’, going from conception to completion in two weeks, all the while under lockdown.

"You guys won’t BELIEVE what happened this time!” Vlogging her daily life, Daisy has started waking up to increasingly worrying occurrences in her house. Her boyfriend, Nathan, is insistent it’s nothing to do with him, but when Daisy takes matters into her own hands, suddenly her vlogging career is set on a new sinister path.


Close your eyes, I'm Filming - Square (1

'This is a masterfully realised horror flick'

Contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting.

Running time: 63 minutes.

Devised and developed by Greedy Pig Theatre Company, Sam Cattee and Matt Rawlings:

Daisy: Sam Cattee

Nathan: Matt Rawlings

Produced by: Greedy Pig Theatre Company          

Written by: Douglas Murdoch 

Co-written by: Lex Kaby, Sam Cattee, Matt Rawlings 

Directed by: Lex Kaby

Assistant Director: Matt Rawlings

Editor: Douglas Murdoch

"Daisy’s Jingle" by: James Millichap

Directors of Photography: Matt Rawlings & Sam Cattee

Sound Design: Lex Kaby 

Costume Design: Lex Kaby & Sam Cattee 

Daisy's Logo/Title Card: Megan Smethurst 

With a special thanks to: 

Megan Smethurst

Matthew Sterling 

Bex Sandey

Samuel Collier 

Adam Hodgson

Sparkfest 2020

Douglas Murdoch
Writer, Video Editor & Co-Producer

Douglas Murdoch has produced 'Life, Still' (2019), 'Close Your Eyes, I'm Filming' (which he wrote), and will be producing a selection of Greedy Pig projects, due to launch this year.

Doug is also a marketing specialist, having previously worked at the Egg Theatre in Bath, and now working freelance. He studied at Bath Spa University, where he achieved an MA in Scriptwriting.

Lex Kaby

Director & Co-Producer

Lex has has directed all of Greedy Pig Theatre Company’s productions to date, including ‘Life, Still’ (2019), ‘Close Your Eyes, I’m Filming’ (2020) and ‘The Last Thing He Saw Was A Ferret’ (2021). As well as this, she has worked extensively as a director and choreographer for Rare Productions.

Lex is currently studying an MA in Directing at Bath Spa University, and has recently finished Associate Directing 'The Wave' (2021) for Calf 2 Cow and Directing 'The Curse of the Sapphire Blade' for Black Dog Productions.


Sam is a freelance Actor having performed in various productions across the U.K from Bath, the Isle of Wight to Manchester. Previous roles have included Scarlett (& ancestors) in Girls Like That, Liv in Douglas Murdoch’s Purely Platonic and Bobby Buckskin in Dastardly Deeds at Buffalo Creek.


Matt is currently working as an Entertainments Coordinator for two theme parks on the Isle of Wight, ‘Robin Hill’ and ‘Blackgang Chine’. Matt spends most of his days co-producing, directing and performing in varied themed productions for the parks.

Graphic Designer

Meg is a Graphic Designer with a passion for performing arts. She attended Bath Spa University where she studied on the Graphic Communication course. Alongside her studies, Meg was also a member of the Musical Theatre Society, where she met both Lex and Doug.


James completed his Master's in composition after studying for his degree in Music at Bath Spa University. He now lives and works in Bath, participating in many of the choirs, including Noctis chamber choir, and the Bath Abbey choir. As well as singing, James works composing original soundtracks for a variety of genres and mediums.

Absolutely mesmerising!! Five stars guys!!

JUNE 2020

If you love a vlog with a twist, then this is for you. A complete head spinner, "Close Your Eyes, I'm Filming" has you on the edge of your seat. Fantastic storytelling and amazing acting from Sam Cattee and Matt Rawlings, I was gripped from start to finish, second guessing the pairs every move. Don't close your eyes, as this is a must watch! *****

JUNE 2020

Wow!! Excellent acting, i was fully immersed in the story! Brilliant!

JUNE 2020

Oh my God, so so so well done! I was glued to the screen every second. It was honestly so good!

JUNE 2020

We just saw it and loved it. Absolutely excellent acting, script and direction. Gives you the creeps and. showing how behaviour and relationships can be affected through the Internet to an extent that this story would have been far fetched 5 years ago but now you can identify with it and realise how well observed and indeed how realistic it is though terrifying! Well done.

JUNE 2020

It's such a clever piece, and performances were brilliant from both. Such a genius idea when in lockdown.

JUNE 2020

Watch it. Absolutely blown away by what these guys have achieved. Such a creative way to tell a great story! I'm not going to give any spoilers but the end came too soon for me!

JUNE 2020

So good! It's so impressive and well executed. It was honestly so fantastic! So fitting for our time and done in such a refreshing way.

JUNE 2020

I just watched "Close Your Eyes I'm Filming and MY GOODNESS! I was literally on the edge of my seat, it's so clever!

JUNE 2020

Brilliant! Totally absorbed as everything was so perfect! Funny as well as terrifying!

JUNE 2020
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