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Lex Kaby - Freelance Set Design

Lex graduated from Bath Spa university in 2016 with a First Class Honours degree in Drama.

Lex gained experience in Design after producing her own shows and finding her passion for fulfilling the aesthetic and practical vision that is created at the conception of a project. Lex has since worked as the set, costume and props designer for all of Greedy Pig's shows to date. 

Lex is looking forward to working on the design for Flipside Production's show 'Cut Bait' next year and can't wait for the creativity and challenges it will bring. 


Lex is passionate about gender in performance and is currently researching the ways in which actors and directors portray gender in theatre. Lex also has a keen interest in Comedy and Thrillers and consequently dark comedies. She is passionate about working with progressive scripts and exciting and forward-thinking new writing. 

For questions, enquiries or even just for a general chat: 


Phone: 07919576048


Set, Costume & Props Design:

The Fish Cage (2021)

'As is characteristic of any Greedy Pig production, the set for The Fish Cage is wonderfully detailed and naturalistic, allowing for Cara Hood’s lighting design in the opening scene to function as its own cast of characters.' - Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021).

'The claustrophobic clutter of the static set by Lex Kaby fills the small chaotic space well.' - Bath Echo - Petra Schofield (2021).

Starring: Lorna Durham, Njeko Katebe, Patrick James Withey, Tiffany Rhodes. Lighting Design by Cara Hood. Photography by Richard Kaby.

Set, Costume & Props Design:

Be. - Greedy Pig Theatre Company (2020) (Private R&D)

Starring: Liam Green, Billy Kidd, Alicia Pollard, Kieran Hall, Adam Hodgson. Lighting Design by Alex Latham. Photography by Richard Kaby.

Set, Costume & Props Design:

Life, Still - (2019) 

'Epic transitions paired with stark lighting flashes really gives you a pain-stricken “other-worldly” feel, beautifully accompanied by a live cellist which adds another touch of live drama to the piece. As a whole, I was impressed by Greedy Pig Theatre Company’s first production.' - Theatre Lab (2019).

Starring: Tom Corbishly, Thomas Brough, Alicia Pollard, Helen Stirling. Photography by Richard Kaby

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