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Lex Kaby - Intimacy Directing

Lex is currently working as an Intimacy Director in training, studying Level 2 Foundations of Intimacy training course with IDC Professionals NYC. Outside of this, she is currently researching the ways in which any rehearsal process can benefit from Intimacy Directing frameworks and processes and is passionate about creating safe and consent forward rehearsal spaces. Lex has recently Intimacy Directed for Black Hound Productions 'The Predicament of Jackson Scott (2022) and Greedy Pig Theatre Company's 'Peacock R&D' (2022). 


Lex is always interested in talking about possible new Intimacy Directing projects and can offer competitive rates whilst she is still in training, please contact her to talk through possible options. 

For questions, enquiries or even just for a general chat: 


Phone: 07919576048

Instagram: @lexkabydirector

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