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Lex Kaby - Freelance Director and Facilitator

Lex graduated from Bath Spa university in 2016 with a First Class Honours degree in Drama and has directed every Greedy Pig project since its conception.

Lex worked as a director for RARE Productions Youth Theatre from 2012-2017, directing shows including 'Oliver' at The Watford Palace Theatre - Watford, 'Wizard of Oz' at The Gordon Craig Theatre - Stevenage and Les Miserable at The Lights, Andover. 

In 2016 Lex worked as the Poppets teacher for PQA in Bath. 

Lex is currently studying an MA in Directing at Bath Spa University and is an early career freelance director. She has recently directed 'The curse of the Sapphire Blade' for Black Dog Productions (2021), 'The Wave' for Calf2Cow (2021), 'DING!' for Flipside Productions (2021) and is looking forward to working with Black Hound Productions and His Terectomy in the near future. 

Lex is passionate about gender in performance and is currently researching the ways in which actors and directors portray gender in theatre. Lex also has a keen interest in Comedy and Thrillers and consequently dark comedies. She is passionate about working with progressive scripts and exciting and forward-thinking new writing. Lex enjoys playing with form, working with physical movement, surrealism and naturalism. 

For questions, enquiries or even just for a general chat: 


Phone: 07919576048

Instagram: @lexkabydirector



DING! - Flipside Productions (2021)

'Certainly gives plenty to think about.' - Bath Echo (2021)

Starring and created by: Alexandra Ricou, Inez Solomon-Gardener, CJ Turner-McMullan, Em Maloy, Pippa Thornton & Lex Kaby. Lighting Design and photography by Esther Warren.


The Curse of The Sapphire Blade - Black Dog Productions (2021)

'Immerse yourself in a piece of joyous escapism.' - Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021).

'A hugely imaginative tale of bravery, fun, morals, love and friendship through the eyes of the five very individual and amusing characters involved' - Gloucestershire Writers' Network (2021).

Starring: Alicia Pollard, Patrick Withey, Tiffany Rhodes, Russell Eccleston. Lighting Design by Esther Warren. Photography by Cordelia Tarbrooke. 


The Wave - Calf 2 Cow (2021)

'A salty, rum-soaked treat for the Summer of 2021.' - Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021).

Starring: Ros Ford, Samuel Freeman, Matthew Emeny. Design by Cory Shipp. Created by Matthew Emeny. Photography by Niklas Arre.



The Fish Cage (2021)

'with Kaby’s tight direction beautifully bringing out the light and shade within Withey’s extended monologue-come-duologues; the switches in physicality and vocal energy between Withey’s two characters are utterly seamless.' - Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021).

'The direction, also by Kaby is fluid and precise; bringing a great energy to the small stage..' - Bath Echo - Petra Schofield (2021).

Starring: Lorna Durham, Njeko Katebe, Patrick James Withey, Tiffany Rhodes. Lighting Design by Cara Hood. Photography by Richard Kaby.

'This is a finely executed show that hits all the beats of a crime thriller in all the right places, and examines the pressing topics of toxic masculinity and male violence towards women with the allegorical flare of a truly great piece of science-fiction.' - Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021).