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Holly Jefferies - Freelance Creative Producing

With an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Drama Studies, Holly is currently completing a Master of Arts in Creative Producing and therefore an associate producer of Bath Spa Productions.

Holly has a passion for creating work that pushes boundaries of form and traditional theatre, as well as theatre that is socially conscious and reflective of our current political and socio economic climate. Holly has fulfilled the role of Administration Assistant at the Ustinov Studio (Theatre Royal Bath) and Assistant Participation Producer for The School for Wise Children: Summer School.


Specialising in outreach, Holly has completed a research project during her MA into how we can diversify our audiences/participation - focusing on the barriers to arts engagement and how those barriers can be broken down. Her time with Wise Children solidified her passion for the transformative power of the arts for underprivileged groups.

For questions, enquiries or even just for a general chat: 


Phone: 07584699664



The Fish Cage (2021)

'This is a finely executed show that hits all the beats of a crime thriller in all the right places, and examines the pressing topics of toxic masculinity and male violence towards women with the allegorical flare of a truly great piece of science-fiction.' - Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress (2021).

'[A]n innovative and interesting piece from a company with theatrical daring.' - Bath Echo, John Christopher Wood (2021).

Starring: Lorna Durham, Njeko Katebe, Patrick James Withey, Tiffany Rhodes. Lighting Design by Cara Hood. Photography by Richard Kaby and Douglas Murdoch.


Creative Producer:

Cat and Her Whittington (2021)

Starring: Gabrielle Finnegan, Toby Underwood, and Rebecca Holmes, Lighting Design by Lucy Brown. Photography by Lucy Brown.

Creative Producer:

COVEN R&D - 2020 

'Powerful and empowering. - Anonymous Audience Feedback.

Starring: Monique Eleanor, Lorna Durham, Bert Hodd, Eleanor Blackburn, Sophie Duntley, Gabrielle Finnegan, Emily Susanne Lloyd.

Creative Producer:

Jane Eyre - 2019 

Starring: Amber Payne, Sydney Crocker, Costa Chard, Thomas Gilbert, Daniel Farmer-Patel, Jo Hockin Tanner, Sophie Turner, Alana Wright. Photography by Thomas Gilbert.

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