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Douglas Murdoch - Freelance Scriptwriting

Douglas Murdoch is a writer, producer and one of the co-founders of Greedy Pig Theatre Company. Within this role, he has co-produced all of Greedy Pig's projects to date, and wrote 'Close Your Eyes, I'm Filming' (2020), 'The Fish Cage' (2021) and 'Peacock (2023), alongside co-writing 'The Last Thing He Saw Was A Ferret' (2022).


Doug has an MA in Scriptwriting for Theatre, Film, TV and Radio from Bath Spa University, following on from him gaining a First-class BA in Creative Writing and English Literature from the same University. He is particularly interested in telling queer stories - being from the LGBTQ+ community himself, he has a personal investment in making sure queer folks are represented authentically on stage. He also enjoys writing 'theatre for people who don't like theatre', often diving into traditionally cinematic genres, like thriller or science fiction, and adapting them for stage, to hopefully leave non-theatregoers reconsidering giving theatre a chance.

He also does guest teaching/lecturing on scriptwriting, having recently worked with Somerset Youth Theatre and Bath Spa University.

Whether you've got a vague idea that might turn into a play/film, or know exactly what you want from a writer, get in touch!


(or you can find Doug on Twitter at @dshmurdoch)

Recent Credits with Greedy Pig

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