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The Fish Cage

The Fish Cage will be Greedy Pig Theatre Company's summer production, following the story of a teen who gets a murderer trapped in his head.

The Fish Cage is an original full-length play by Douglas Murdoch and will be directed by Lex Kaby.

Connor is a nineteen year-old introvert, obsessed with comic books and superheroes. He’s at his happiest when he’s alone with his own thoughts. Except... for the next three days, he’s not.

In a world where criminals store their consciousnesses in others to evade capture, Connor now finds himself with an eccentric, charismatic and quite possibly homicidal newcomer in his head, and a fight for control begins. The Fish Cage is a thrilling, funny and intense look into how a normal family’s loyalties shift when control starts to slip away.

Because when you share a mind with someone, nothing stays hidden for long...