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Greedy Pig Theatre Company is run by Bath Spa Alumni Douglas Murdoch and Lex Kaby. At Greedy Pig we enjoy playing and experimenting with form. Whether that’s a dystopian comedy play, a physical movement piece, a tragic minimalist musical, or whatever tool best fits the story we wish to tell. We aim to explore the human experience and perceptions of normality through every lens possible. After all, when it comes down to it, we are Greedy! 

We are currently looking forward to our upcoming R&D 'Nhair' - a collaboration with writer and creator Conny Hancock that will be performed at SparkFest 2021. 

If you enjoy the work that we make, please consider helping us to produce more work by donating to our production fund. We are a low budget, self-funded and not-for-profit company, so absolutely every little helps and we are very grateful for even the smallest of donations! Thank you! 



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Greedy Pig Theatre Company